Dear Sky Chihuahuas ,Wow! Once again, you have sent me a sweet little boy. He has completely adjusted to his new home and loves everyone. He is also loved by everyone. His temperament gets better each day with almost no growling at all when he eats. All he really wants is to be held and loved! Thank you so very much! Jake & Rudy are best friends and play like little brats. The cats took to him within 5 minutes of him being home. They all sleep with me and get along, with no apparent jealousy. You are amazing breeders and your Chihuahua puppy’s are perfect in every way! Jake and I thank you for Rudy.


“Getting our first dog is a huge deal for our family. After I had researched internet, I found Sky Chihuahuas and I couldn’t be happier that I found them. Sky Chihuahuas is full of experience and very patient to answer all my questions. They also gave us a lot of good advice on how to raise a healthy dog. After we had adopted our Candy, Sky Chihuahuas contact with us and checks regularly about Candy’s training progress and health. We are very thankful that we met Sky Chihuahuas, a very responsible and professional breeder. Candy is very calm and friendly to people and other dogs. She is now the best friend of my 4 year old daughter.”


Hi Sky Chihuahuas, Thank you so much for my beautiful puppy. I named her “Luna”, the Spanish word for the moon. Luna is doing great! I have never loved a pet more. She gives me more happiness than I can describe in words. When I clicked on your website. I saw this dainty little pup. It was love at first site. I hope Luna felt the same way when she saw me for the first time. She is a very happy doggy with darling personality. She goes everywhere with me, even church. All of my friends and family think Luna is tiny and beautiful. They have given her loads of adorable XXSmall outfits and toys. Thank you so much for your help in selecting Luna. Upon speaking with you, I am confident you are a highly experienced breeder and provide the best quality Chihuahuas in America. I highly recommend you to anyone that wants an incredible pet. Please feel free to offer my phone number for any needed references.


Hi, my husband and I was looking for my Christmas gift. And we decided to get a new puppy. What better than a Chihuahua =}. We then came across with Sky Chihuahuas website and we also had the chance to talk with the breeders themself. Please let me start by saying. That anyone whom might be interesting in getting a Chihuahua this is a good legal website to go to. Not only is a good one but also they are good breeders and very responsible for all their puppies as well. And any questions you might have they will know. And when they ship out our little one. They did an awesome job. We recieved our new puppy in a new clean crate and very secure. We all are very happy =} with our new member of our family. Zoe is and alway’s will be our proud and joy. :} Thank You!

Grindstaff Family

“Sky Chihhuahua’s expertise in the breed was evident as he was able to answer all of our questions. He explained everything we needed to know about being a new pet owner. We were impressed with the living conditions of the pups with adequate space for each dog. It was reassuring to see the parents of the pups and how well they were treated. The pedigree was described to us proving he was a pure breed. Ricks communications via phone and email were very helpful as we lived far away. Our new pup ‘Max’ was well worth the drive . We are very happy with our choice.”

John & Theresa

“Sky Chihuahua” On My Mind!
What a puppy we have. She is playful, curious, snugly & hilarious. People continually are telling us how beautiful she is and she certainly loves spending time and is not shy with other dogs and people. She has bonded with our two children and has become a wonderful part of our family in such a sort time!
Having had a beautiful Pom before we had an idea of what we were doing, but any questions or concerns we had Larry was happy to help and was quick to respond. We love still receiving emails with helpful and insightful information about raising a healthy, obedient and happy chi puppy.
Thanks again

Rick’s Family

My Pimprenelle is very very very beautifull, she’s the most beautifull baby girl in the world. I would like to thank you for giving me a such beautifull baby. She gives me a lot of love every day ! Sky Chihuahua is now famous in France and Pimprenelle is a star in Paris :))
Lot’s of kisses from France


“This was my first time picking a puppy from a breeder. I have met other breeders but none quite like Sky Chihuahuas. His facility was very clean and warm for the puppies. Both parents were on site which was very important for me to see how healthy they were also. He answered my questions and taught me a lot about puppy care. He did not rush me off once I bought my puppy. Instead he encouraged me to take my time picking out my pup and asking any questions that I might have had. The questions came later, once I got home. He was gracious enough to answer my emails of questions. The puppies were both healthy and happy as evidenced by their lovely personalities. You can not go wrong choosing a puppy from Sky Chihuahua”


Dear Sky Chihuahuas, Thak you for all your kind words….The two puppies are doing so well….. And One more just adds to the Joy of Life! You have put a Big smile on my face!!! as you can see… And gives me another little person to care for, it makes me feel neeeded in such a good sense. They are no more work at all, they are so wonderful, and each day only gets better! I know I will be walking soon on account of them! Im so thankfull for You and all you have done for me, it thrills me to wake up each day with them, they are so loving. You are the one with the “Big Heart”, to have so much love in what you are doing for others and making their lives a joyous one, with placing your little angels in their homes. I’ve never met someone so Wonderful and Caring as You!


Dear Sky Chihuahuas
This is our new baby you shipped to us Friday evening. We adore her, she is so tiny for 6 months old. You are wonderful breeders and we will be forever grateful.She is adjusting to her new home quickly and comes to work with me, she is a big hit everwhere she goes. I thank you for all your kindness and help and we will be buying another puppy from you within the year…. Love from Lola’s New home


Hi, our little puppy has completely exceeded our expectations!!!! We just love him so much! His coloring is absolutely beautiful….just what we’d been looking for for over 8 months….so glad I found you! Our vet paid you a very high compliment too…he said the puppy is in excellent health and he couldn’t believe what perfect teeth he had! We named him “Roo” by the way. My girls decided that he looked like Roo from Winnie the Pooh. He is so well behaved….and very well potty trained…no accidents on the carpet yet! I love that!!!
Thank you


I got a puppy from you a few months ago and I just wanted to
thank you so much. I had looked for a chihuahua for over a year and wanted one just like her. She was a little more than I wanted to spend but she looked so cute so I knew I had to have her. I am so glad I went ahead and got her and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. She is worth every penny!! I can’t believe how good and sweet she is, I take her everywhere with me and people ask me about her all the time. I have even taken her on the plane with me and most people didn’t even know I had her, she never makes any noise. She loves other dogs and people, she is so fearless and friendly. I love her so much and am so happy I have her!


Dear Sky Chihuahuas, I cannot tell you how in love I am with little Gordon. I thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful, healthy puppy. Not only did my Vet say he was extremely healthy, but quite possibly the most charming Chihuahua he had ever met. Please feel free to use me as a reference, and again I thank you for making the purchase of my puppy such a wonderful experience.